Snooker Cue Cases

This time I am going to write something about choosing the snooker cue case for your ronnie o sullivan snooker cue. By now you probably have been out there looking for that cue of your dreams. Hopefully you have been implementing my advice here and looking also from the internet. You should have a good opinion on your gamestyle before you start looking for a cue. I made some bad decisions when I started playing. It was a little over twenty years ago when I watched the snooker world championship the first time. That really had me. I could not spend a day without something related to snooker or even snooker pool cue cases. My parents got worried that I would stay behind in school, since I was only 14 years old then. I had a few friends who I took to the local snooker hall and that is where it started.

We had all been playing pool every now and then but when we learned the snooker rules and when I got hooked because of the WCT we never played pool again. Two of my friends are playing professional snooker today. And of course me. Two other friends are just enjoying snooker as a hobby. Either way they are still obsessed about the game. That is what happens to everyone I have seen. It's like golf, once you are bitten by the bug you can't think of anything else. Snooker cue cases are like golf bags that you always have in your car so you can go and play a round anytime. And when you retire from your dayjob you can aways be found at the local hall. Well that is what happened to me, but snooker turned in to my dayjob. That is what I do every day and every night. My wife is killing me for that but she does know that me playing is what brings home the bacon. Her plastic surgery and her porche have all been bought with my playing and she does not mind that!

Snooker Cue Cases

The first time I bought my own cue was about three months after I started playing. I got myself a crappy cue which cost about $20. That was the worst move I ever made since it was worse than the cues at the hall. It screwed up my game and I might aswell be playing with a broomstick. The tip of that cue was the size of my thumb and made of plastic. Like I said in posts before the snooker cue tip porpably the most important thing in the cue. And you have to buy one that has one made of leather. Don't accept a plastic tip even for a cue that you are carrying around in your cue case all the time just to fill the void space.

When you are looking for cue cases the first thing you should think about is your cue. As written before you have a lot of different cues to choose from. One piece, two piece and three piece. The one piece snooker cue is not something that you like to be carrying around too much. It does fit quite nicely in the back of your car but it can easily bend or get some kind of dents in it. So never do that. If you have a one piece cue, keep it at home or at the hall at a locker. The two piece cues are the most popular cues and most of the cue cases are made for two piece handmade snooker cues. You probably have been looking for one at the local shop already and are eager to make a buying decision. Buy this or buy that? You must be confused as the shopkeeper wants to sell you the more expensive because it's "better", but it does look exactly like the one that is cheaper. You have to learn to make your own decisions since most of the shopkeepers I know out there are just to there to make money. They can really cheat you a lot.

Designer Snooker Cue Cases

Designer snooker cue cases are the most recent thing in snooker. The guys at the hall are getting really fancy about their cases and in my opinion it is just getting a bit ridiculous. The colors and the leather is starting to look a bit fairy to me. I can easily understand a case made out of leather, but if it alligator or kenguru it is over my head. I mean do you really have to kill a endangered animal to store your cues in? I don't think so. I think Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana are the most well known designers that I have seen cases from

Leather Cue Cases

Leather is the most popular material for snooker cue cases right after the traditional wooden cases. When looking for a case you should be looking for something that fits your eye. As I stated before you really should not be looking for a too expensive designer case because you will only be wasting your money. What you want as your first case is just something that will hold on as long as your cue, and preferrably even longer. So you need to be looking for quality insted of appearance. When choosing a long lasting case I advice you to stay away from the leather cases since they have a habit of stretching and tearing over the years.

Wooden Cue Cases

Whole wooden snooker cue cases are the thing you are looking for. They do sometimes cost a little more that the cheapest plastic modelst but they do hold on as long as you are willing to hold on to them. There are a lot of models that can hold any kinds of cues and it is actually very easy to find a wooden case for any cue. When buying you should look at the seams of the inside covering. That makes sense as you would probably do that with anything that you buy: First check it out if it is in a good shape. There is always the refund policy and usually tou are allowed to bring it back to the shop if the quality is poor. But that is just extra trouble and they don't refund you the time spent driving around. That is actually why I prefere the internet shops. They are normally sent to you directly from the warehouse, so no-one has been nibbling with your equipment in the shop. They come in original packaging and if there is anything wrong you can just mail them back and the seller has to pay all the expenses. This may vary between different sellers though. A decent wooden cue case sells anywhere from 30$ to 80$. The best models once again are way beond that. Buy that if you want to.

Snooker cue cases come in all kinds of colors and shapes. Some of the models have ridiculous prints on them and I am not sure I would be comfortable carrying a flag around me. Just like in everything else you should do what pleases you. You should also keep an eye out for the hinges of the case. In some models they have used really inexpensive hinges because all the people are looking for in snooker cue cases are the colors and the materials. The hinges are the one part after the lock that keeps your case in one piece. It does not matter how high quality the materials used to make the box are, if the hinges break off you need to get new ones. I had some models where I had to replace the hinges in a few weeks after buying the snooker cue case. This is quite discomforting since the hinges can cost as much as a new case. If you bought a cheap case in the first place I mean. Luckily the online snooker shops sell hinges aswell, and you don't need to be a carpenter to be able to replace them. Leveling a snooker table is a different thing but replacing the hinges to your case is a walk in the park.

The soft cases I have seen around are not that good and in my opinion you should not carry your cues in a soft case. It endangeres the cue as it can easily be bent. If you have a four piece cue it is not that easily bent so maybe you could carry it around in a soft snooker cue case but in my opinion why risk it. A hard or semi-hard case is as easy to carry around and costs just a fraction more. By the way I would not use a pool cue case to carry my snooker cue extensions around. There are some quality brands such as Peradon which makes a decent quality of cases and I would definitely consider them as one of the options. Some aluminium cases and have also arrived the markets and just like the carbon it is a good way to go because of its durability. 3/4 jointed cue cases are the most common so if you have a three or four piece cue you should have no problem in finding a case for your needs.

Snooker games are the best there are and the equipment should always be the best there is. Don't go out there and get just something and waste your money. That way you could borrow the eqauipment and never really learn how to benefit from them. Shooting some snooker pool might be just a hobby for you but for me I can't really get enough from it and as I have derived it to a profession, I am not getting enough of it. I have been asked quite a lot to start snooker coaching but for now I am just sticking with playing and writing this blog. Maybe in a few years who knows. In my opinion you should think about getting a used snooker table to play with at home so you don't have to spend so much time outside the house. It is getting frustrating with me and my wife since I do have a table of my own, but am so accustomed to playing at the hall that I can't consentrate if there is no audience. There is so much about snooker cue cases that I could write about but for now this will do.